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We will negotiate a lower price on your bill or you pay us nothing! Any bill over $200 is eligible, whether you have health insurance or not.

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Sign up and submit your medical bills to us online. Any claim over $200.00 is eligible.

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    Simply fill out our online form. We will collect your information and have you authorize My Medical Negotiator to work on your behalf.

  • Submit Your Bills

    Once you have created an account, follow the step by step process to provide us with the information about your medical bill.

  • Respect Your Privacy

    We collect only data necessary to complete your negotiation. We do not share your information with any third party.


2We Negotiate

Our negotiator analyzes the bill, contacts the provider and proposes a lower price.

  • Professional Negotiators

    Our Negotiators average over 18 years experience in dealing with medical providers and securing discounts. We strive for WIN – WIN negotiations.

  • Top Notch Security and Confidentiality

    Your Personal Health Data and Financial Information are protected by the highest grade SSL encryption.

  • We Keep You in the Loop

    You receive secure email messages from your Negotiator during each step on the negotiation process. This encrypted message system allows secure passage of your claim information.


3You Save

If the provider ACCEPTS our proposal, you save immediately. If not, there is no charge.

  • Professional Negotiators

    Many factors come into play when negotiating your claim. Average discounts range from 15-65%. We are successful in negotiating a discount on 65% of bills submitted.

  • You Have Nothing to Lose

    We charge a percentage of the amount saved, with no fee if we save you nothing.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If we get a discount of 5% or less on your bill, there is no fee for our service.

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Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount saved. There is no fee if we don't save you money!

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See What Others are Saying

  • Insurance was only going to pay about 50% of the cost. Your expertise was all that saved me from having a big out of pocket expense. I believe you saved me 75% of what the insurance did not cover. Thanks again.

    Frank E. - Westbrook, ME

  • I was really surprised when I got a huge bill at the end of my treatment. INSNET found that I was being charged for bills that hadn't been submitted in time to the insurance, and got the bill reduced to only $230.

    Margaret - Boston, MA

  • I kept getting bills from doctors, hospitals and laboratories regarding my deceased wife's treatment. I sent a package of bills to INSNET and they successfully reduced my balance with 6 of the 7 providers.

    Mark R. - Sabattus, ME

  • Thank you for your efforts. I really appreciated the quick turnaround on this. Medical bill negotiation is a service I wasn't aware of until recently, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me.
    Thanks again,

    Melinda R. - Palo Alto, CA

How it Works

My Medical Negotiator in Action

You or someone in your family has a surgical procedure. The procedure costs $4,900.00. The surgery center submits the bill to your health insurance company. You have a $1,000.00 deductible and this is your first bill of the year. After your deductible is paid and your health insurance pays its portion of the covered charges, you owe the remaining $1,630.30 on this bill. My Medical Negotiator is able to secure a discount of 25% off the amount owed. The provider will accept $1,222.73 as payment in full. You will receive a Transaction Summary showing the settlement details. You will need to provide the medical provider with your credit/debit card information. My Medical Negotiator will charge a service fee of $142.65, which is 35% of the amount saved; you save $264.92.

Our History

Experience You Can Trust

Insurance Negotiating Service was founded in 1985 to assist medical claims payers with cost containment. Companies we have represented:

  • Traveler's Insurance
  • Coresource
  • Prudential Insurance
  • ASR Health Benefits
  • State Mutual
  • Entrust
  • Mutual Benefit Life
  • Mid-American Benefits
  • Northwestern National Life
  • Total Benefit Services
  • UNUM
  • Benefit Plan Administrators
  • US Life Insurance
  • Preferred Benefit Administrators
  • Phoenix Mutual
  • Healthplan Services
  • TPAC Underwriters
  • Stowe Associates
  • International Assurance of Tennessee
  • North American Administrators
  • Allianz
  • Self Insured Plans
  • Fortis Insurance
  • Dunn & Associates
  • VASA Brougher
  • Employers Resource Group

All of our negotiations are handled in a professional manner. We strive for a WIN-WIN result. Throughout the years, many providers are pleased to work with us because they have come to expect the negotiation will result in a positive outcome for all parties. Our negotiators average over 18 years experience in the medical and negotiating fields. Our database including tens of thousands of previous agreements assists our negotiators in determining a fair proposal to submit to your provider.

How to Get Started

Grab Your Bills

Hospital bills, doctor bills, dental bills and surgery bills are all eligible. The bill can be from an in network provider or out of network provider. My Medical Negotiator works whether you are insured, uninsured or under insured.

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Create an account here on our website. There is no fee to set up an account. You can submit a bill for any family member who receives a bill. Your email address is your user name, you choose your own password.

Signup is easy, secure and fast!

Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount saved. There is no fee if we don't save you money!

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